Evernote to WordPress

In order to push from Evernote to WordPress, a number of apps are out there to either tag the post, such as with “post”, and or “production”, setting a reminder and date to a post (still investigating), or to simply create a folder (or a set a folders) that when a note is posted, will then sync with an IFTTT via triggers and mapped APIs.

Zapier, Zap, Trigger, Action

  • Setup Zapier to Trigger a Post (Action) from an Evernote Note added to a Notebook to a WordPress Post
  • Category can be set according to an associated Notebook Folder

Create a New Note for WordPress Post

  • Add note to specific Evernote Notebook, which has already been linked using Zapier, to a Category post for WordPress
  • Add tags as appropriate, currently each Evernote folder can be mapped to a Category in WordPress
  • Zapier will then sync the Notebook every 5 minutes to add new notes as posts in WordPress

Action in WordPress

  • Posts added to WordPress as Draft (can be change to direct Published, though not desirable)
  • If Draft, or Pending Publish, an administrator (can be Editor status) can be notified via email, would then check posts for content/format (need to refine formatting and image/gallery/attachment integration in Zapier), then publish to add visibility on WordPress blog

This can also be setup to upload featured images, media, etc., though some tests may be necessary before final configuration.

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