Great places to work 2021!

Sep 29, 2021 ClearPlan

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We did it again!  ClearPlan is excited to announce that we have been recertified as a Great Place to Work® for 2021-2022! This is an incredible achievement derived from feedback from a whopping 121 of you!  Thank you!  Your constructive feedback charts our continued quest to be THE Employer of Choice in our industry!

The survey from the Great Place to Work® team is considered a proven indicator of workplace culture.  Since 1992, GPTW have surveyed more than 100 million employees around the world and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: TRUST. One of the biggest results from our survey is that you DO trust us, and we’re grateful for that.  

I take seriously earning the trust of each of our employees, everyday.   The best way I believe to earn that trust is by investing in our shared future.  ClearPlan’s position as an industry leader in Federal Program Management Services didn’t happen by accident.  To achieve what we have achieved, we have had to invest and deliver.  And invest and deliver we have!  Our clients continually heap praise on our team for the incredible work we do, and we continue to have demand indicative of the respect in industry our delivery receives. The commitment we have to our craft and our people creates value for everyone; and binds us together in a way that makes me extremely proud.  ClearPlan Proud.

For this recertification, we asked all ClearPlanners take time to share their opinions and take the survey.   One question that stood out above all was “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work” with 98% of you answering “Yes” in 2021. That’s AMAZING!

Our average answers were also more positive than the vast majority of responses from other small and medium companies from 2020. We had better scores than other companies who were certified as Great Places to Work® in credibility, fairness, respect, camaraderie, and pride. We all have ClearPlan pride, and it shows! 

Thank you to everyone who wears ClearPlan blue, 


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