Integrated Delivery.
Patient Centered Solutions.

Personalized solutions for Healthcare’s complex challenges. ClearPlan keeps the “care” in Healthcare


Program Implementation & Activation

EHRs, Google, PeopleSoft, Facilities, Optimizations, Compliance


Portfolio and Program Management Services

Tailored Governance, Processes, Training

Integrated Program Scheduling, Controls, & Analysis

Scope, Schedule, Change, Resource Utilization, Risk, Earned Value

Interactive Dashboards / Agnostic Visualization Tools

Analytics, KPIs, Data Mining, Go Live Activation Metrics, Automation

Program Recovery Services

Project Assessment, Solution, Plan / Baseline, Execute

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The Clearplan Difference


Profitability / Affordability: Supports objectively answering upper management’s cost and funding questions: How much will the project cost? and When will the money be needed?


Cycle Time: ClearPlan improves project cycle & process cycle, which means: 1.) The shorter the cycle times, the faster the investment is returned to the organization AND 2.) The shorter the combined cycle time of all projects, the more projects the organization can complete.


Risk Reduction and Avoidance: Significant cost & schedule variances are detectable when planned work has reached as little as 10% complete on any portion of the project. This means a project’s performance & productivity issues can be identified and mitigated early in a project’s life cycle.


Portfolio, Program, & Project Internal Processes: Create and maintain consistent internal processes that enable efficient & effective execution.