Ryan Beard headshot

Ryan Beard

Manager – Huntsville Region, CP Tools, IT & Technology

Ryan Beard is a technically oriented PP&C SME with broad experience in cost, schedule, and EVM implementation and execution roles. He has supported most major DoD contractors but also excels at leading small to medium sized business through the complex process and reporting challenges that come with larger program awards. 

Ryan is a Manager at ClearPlan, primarily focused on Huntsville, AL, and is also responsible for ClearPlan’s Tool & Technology roadmap, including both internal business systems and custom client solutions. 

Ryan completed the pre-Med program at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and received a Bachelor's degree in Biology / Chemistry. After spending two years as a pharmaceutical chemist and quickly tiring of the exhaustive regulatory environment, he left the field in 2007 to pursue his passion for Federal acquisitions. 

When not subjecting his retinas to phototoxicity, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, two children, and their destructive pack of mutts. On weekends, he pretends to be a musician and develops video games with comedic sensibilities that even his children call ‘immature’. 

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