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ClearPlan is committed to fostering an open, “no surprises” environment, and to working jointly with our clients, delivering high-quality solutions every time. We guarantee our work!

Planning and Scheduling

Every solution begins with a plan. Let us help you plan for success.

Our Consultants possess the essential skills and solutions to Establish and Manage Comprehensive Plans & Schedules, from developing Winning Responses to Proposal, Establishing a Performance Measurement Baseline, Re-plans through Contract Closure. We have advanced experience with common industry tool-sets such as MSP, OPP, Primavera, and can easily adapt to home-grown applications.

We establish sound planning techniques early, so risks can be reduced while increasing the probability of executing to, or ahead of plan. Our robust project structures become building blocks to comprehensive plans that provide management, the customer, and project stakeholders a high confidence that the contractual scope has been captured. This sets the stage for analyzing progress, assessing forecasts, and ultimately capture actuals for parametrics.

By Thoroughly Analyzing the Statement of Work and Organizational Requirements, we coordinate with all stakeholders to merge the technical scope, cost, schedule and performance parameters into a Low Risk, Executable Baseline Plan. We develop the appropriate hierarchy of visibility from IMP to Tiered IMS, allowing stakeholders at all levels a means to validate progress towards contractual obligations.

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Program Control

Every plan has a price, but staying on target is more than just a numbers game.

We provide the essential capabilities to analyze and interpret data in order to Predict and Constructively Influence Management Decision Making to Prevent Negative Impacts to the time and cost outcomes of a project or program. From ensuring an Executable Plan is in place for a succussful Integrated Baseline Review (IBR), to Recovering from Deviations and Documenting Change, we provide Solutions for Executing to Plan!

The Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) provides a benchmark by which stakeholders can assess the project’s performance to plan, though keeping it in control requires the use of predictive indicators to drive out threats, and capitalize opportunities.

Change is inevitable in any project or program, which emphasizes the need for advanced forecasting methods, what-if analysis, proper communication and documentation to maintain budget and profit targets. Whether it is an over-targeted schedule or baseline, internal or external change requests, we can make what can be a chaotic process systematically sane by pairing the right expertise with an efficient, integrated tool set.

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EVM (Earned Value Management)

EVMS certification

If the contract value is under the validation threshold, more often we are seeing requirements for 3rd party EVMS certifications for contractors to show compliance against the EIA-748 Guidelines. ClearPlan's EVMS Certification is a comprehensive approach to meeting this requirement.

ClearPlan EVMS SME's will help:

  • Implement an integrated EVMS tool suite
  • ClearPlan offers Cloud Solutions complete with integrated EVM toolsets! A great option for getting stood up quickly, or reducing IT investment.
  • Create or augment EVM Process Documentation
  • Provide Program Baseline and Execution Support
  • Provide training (both formal and OJT) for cost, schedule, and EVM functional support staff
  • CAM Training and Certification
  • Comprehensive System Compliance Review culminating with an EVMS
  • Certification Letter from ClearPlan

Proposal support

The RFP has an EVMS requirement, but you don’t have a validated EVMS system. What do you do? Call ClearPlan.

ClearPlan has helped several clients develop and submit an EVMS plan with their proposal.

Validation review support services include:

  • Describing the EIA-748 compliant EVMS the client will use during program execution
  • Providing an EVMS scorecard highlighting the system upgrades and modifications proposed in order to meet the EIA-748 32 guidelines
  • Providing a high-level milestone plan indicating when the system will achieve EVMS compliance
  • Describes the application to subcontractors
  • Developing a schedule that provides a timetable of events leading up to Government validation of the EVMS.
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Tools and Technology

Improve how you work and think.

ClearPlan has Diverse Expertise with various Commercial Standard Tools, Systems, and Solutions, and engage with organizations who also desire custom interfaces. We not only support the design, configuration, and implementation of common industry solutions, but tailor applications with training.

Designing the Right Architecture is based on specific needs and understanding the organization’s mission, vision and processes, along with customer requirements, the project & portfolio size, complexity, and known risks.

We build and deploy Cost Effective Solutions by utilizing Commercial Off-the-Shelf Solutions, where applicable, such as Deltek, Oracle, and Microsoft tool-sets, while ensuring the infrastructure can be easily supported by your team. We use Cloud Technologies to centralize infrastructures for seamless access by all stakeholders.

We'll Design, Customize, and Implement, while Training your Team, and develop a plan to ensure that our solutions can be maintained by your staff! We’re not only available on-site, but can support virtually to ensure the proposed solutions are successfully executed and maintained in the most efficient manner.

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Training others is our specialty.

ClearPlan leverages decades of industry experience to equip students with the skills necessary to implement and execute a top-tier Integrated Program Management framework.

All training courses can be delivered as-built, or can be fully customized to suit our clients’ specific training goals.

  • Instructor-Led
  • Industry Best Practices
  • On and Off-Site Hosting Options Available -ClearPlan Quadcopter- Our Proprietary Mock ACAT 1 Data Set

Project Scheduling Training pdf

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