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Nov 1, 2021 ClearPlan

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ClearPlan brings extensive experience in all major EVMS tools and processes, including 3rd party software and middleware integration. ClearPlan has implemented Deltek Cobra for many large, complex organizations as well as tier 2 and 3 providers who are new to EVMS and project management tools.

Our personnel for Cobra Implementations, including MPM to Cobra conversions, are all long-term employees averaging over 5 years of service with ClearPlan, and who have participated on >100 Deltek Cobra migrations, implementations and/or training engagements.

ClearPlan has designed a process to convert MPM to Cobra with internally created and optimized procedures. The ClearPlan procedure provides import / export templates and supports the migration and validation of one program at a time to help minimize risk. Our solution leverages our vast implementation experience to avoid common hurdles that often occur during migrations, making ClearPlan the most seamless and efficient partner for client migration needs.

Each MPM migration begins with data exports using MPM’s native export/reporting utility to generate Baseline, ETC/EAC, time-phased EV/BCWP and AC/ACWP values from the corresponding out-of-the-box MPM .FMT files. These standard MPM exports provide the framework for converting MPM data into Cobra-ready import files using ClearPlan’s proprietary Excel conversion templates. Our templates serve the purpose of partially automating the data conversion process from MPM to Cobra (e.g., MPM EVT to Cobra Progress Technique).


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Each of these engagements begins with a configuration workshop to define the current/desired business process/cadence and capture both internal and external management and customer reporting requirements. This configuration workshop serves as the framework for establishing the Cobra implementation architecture, including tailored project preferences, definition of a fiscal calendar, Code File creation for project and reporting structures, and the establishment of rates, resources, and resource calculations (results).

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